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Building a house extension

Advice From an Experienced Architect Before Altering a Home Anywhere in the UK

Free Guidance Before Spending Serious Money on Your Home

Real Life Architecture is run by me, Níall, I've run my own award winning architecture practice in Edinburgh for over 15 years. In 2021 I began posting videos to YouTube about the reality of altering and extending homes in the UK. This eventually grew into Real Life Architecture, where I offer both free advice and paid advice to homeowners across the UK.


I am impartial and can guide you on the best way to balance costs, planning permission, building regulations and all the other things you need to consider. Construction is expensive, get my advice as early as possible, before you spend serious money. 

Online Consultation With an Architect

I have spent over 15 years working with homeowners, most of whom never hired an architect or set foot on a building site before. A lot of my time goes into explaining the process to people with no experience of design or construction. Take advantage of my training and experience by booking a consultation with me. 

If you have a property anywhere in the UK I charge £95 for this service and it offers great value for money. I will sense check your ideas to make sure they are affordable, comply with the building regulations and stand a reasonable chance of getting planning permission. I will advise you on alternatives you might not have considered and help you understand the timescales involved in the design and construction process. I will also explain how to find the right local architect for your project. 

Guide to House Extension Projects in the UK

If a consultation doesn't fit your project needs, don't worry! You can still benefit from my advice by downloading my Guide to House Extensions in the UK for just £10. Plus, purchasing the guide entitles you to a £10 discount off the price of an online consultation—a win-win!

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