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Advice Before a House in the UK

Buying a house in the UK with the intention of altering or extending can be very risky. Will you get planning permission, what impact will the building regulations have, how long will it take and can you afford to do everything you need

This list of my videos shares detailed advice I gave to clients who booked my online consutlaion service. I have permission to make these videos. 


If you need advice specifically about your project, you can book an online consultation with me. 

You Don’t Always Need a House Extension? 

I was asked to advise a client who considered buying this house in England. They needed to change the layout and create two new bedrooms. Their original idea was to build a two storey extension, incorporating the existing garage. This wasn't affordable within their budget but a better idea might be.

Don't Make The House Bigger 

Many people assume if they need more space, the only way to get it is to extend their house. This can lead to unnecessary expense and often doesn't address layout issues in the existing house. I was asked to advise a client who was considering buying this house in England. They wanted to get more bedrooms and wondered if adding another story on top was the way to achieve this. Their budget would not be enough for such a construction so I suggested an alternative design, altering the internal layout of the house. I was able to get two more bedrooms without a house extension.

What Is Under This House? 

This 1950's suburban house in England has hidden secrets and lots to teach anyone thinking of buying a house to extend it.

Buying a house to make it MUCH BIGGER 

The client looking to buy this house wants to enlarge it significantly. Including a granny flat, house extension, and dormer conversion.

Would You Buy a Hidden House?

This is another of my consultations, showing the challenges faced when purchasing unconventional properties. I should say there is nothing fundamentally wrong with the house but anyone thinking of buying a site like this should take professional advice.

Choosing the right house on Isle of Skye

In this consultation a client wanted my help choosing between two houses on the Isle of Skye. Both houses have pros and cons and each would need some work to make them suitable as family homes.

This UK Luxury House isn’t Right 

This is a beautiful house but after talking to my client, and discussing their needs, I could see it wasn’t suitable for them.

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