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Advice Before Building a House Extension in the UK

I have built dozens of house extensions over my career. From cheap and cheerful, to money-no-object. I have designed super modern extensions to listed buildings and I have designed modest garden rooms using permitted development. 

This list of my videos and blogs shared detailed advice on how to design and build house extensions in the UK today. My videos and blog posts focus on construction costs, timescales, planning permission, building regulations, architects fees and much more. 


If you need advice specifically about your project, you can book an online consultation with me. 

12 Steps to Build the Cheapest House Extension in the UK 2024

  • If you want to keep the cost of your house extension to the absolute minimum, I have 12 design ideas that will achieve it for you.

  • I explain how the shape, layout, materials and interaction with the existing house impact the cost of your extension. 

  • These ideas save money but they require compromises, be warned. 

How long does it take to build a house extension in the UK 2024

  • Look in detail at three different house extension projects I designed, to see how long they took to build. 

  • I break each house extension project into 5 stages, including the feasibility study, statutory approvals, tendering, construction and post-construction. 

  • This video will give you lots of detail on the timescale for each stage of the process, not just the overall timescale.

How much will it cost to build a house extension in the UK 2024

  • I break down the costs for each element of the building; foundations, drainage, walls, roof, electrics, kitchen etc.

  • I show how basic design decisions can massively impact the construction cost. 

  • I explain how to keep the cost of an extension down, to save you money.

You can also read this as a blog post

Is this the BEST guide for house extension planning applications in 2024

  • the UK has over 300 local authorities and many of them do not publish clear planning guidance for homeowners building house extensions. 

  • I found one local council who's guidance is excellent, with diagrams and measurements. 

  • Find out how to check your house extension design against this guide, to see if it will get planning permission. 

How to Build a Modern House Extension to a Listed Building

  • If you own a listed building this video is a must-watch if you are planning an extension.

  • Find out how to avoid being forced to design an extension that is "in keeping".

  • I show how I got planning permission for a very modern extension to an A listed (grade 1) building in a conservation area and UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

How To Get a Fixed Price House Extension in the UK in 2024

  • If you think a "fixed price" is a a good idea, think again.

  • Find out why you are better off with a flexible construction contract for your house extension. 

  • Learn about the Homeowner Contract, where you can manage the contract yourself, with no architect involved. 

You can also read this as a blog post. 

Cheap UK House Extension Ideas

  • Learn about my top tips to keep the cost down on your house extension.

  • I talk about materials, methods and designs that cost less to build.

  • Be aware, some of these ideas require significant compromises. 

You can also read this as a blog post. 

What I Charge to Design a UK House Extension

  • Architects in the UK are free to set their fees any way they choose. 

  • Find out how I set my fees for house extensions. I use a real example from a project I designed and built. 

2 Ways Permitted Development Could RUIN YOUR HOME

  • Find out why Permitted Development can cause significant issues when getting a mortgage.

  • I explain why getting full planning permission is often a better decision for homeowners and should not be feared. 

4 Things GUARANTEE your Planning Permission will be REFUSED

  • Nobody can guarantee success in with a planning application but you can increase your odds of success. 

  • Find out four ways to give your house extension project a better chance of getting planning approval. 

  • Learn how to check your local plan, prevent overlooking and overshadowing, and how to think about loss of amenity.

UK House Extension Mortgages (More Options Than You Think)

  • If you need to borrow money to build a house extension, watch this video first. 

  • After speaking with a mortgage advisor I learned some interesting things about how banks view your home before and after extending it.

  • Why some banks want to see Architects drawings and others don't. 

  • Learn how building a granny flat or annex can affect your mortgage. 


  • Learn the two main way the building regulations set limits on glazing in a house extension.

  • Find out how to maximise the glass in your extensions but be aware, there is a catch. 

You can  also read this as a blog post. 

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