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Find Out What Is Possible

During most online consultations I discuss options for alterations and extensions to my clients homes. These are usually descriptions of how the space can be changed to suit the homeowner, within their budget and in compliance with planning guidance and building regulations.

If you want more, I can now offer a simple feasibility study, where I will produce a floor plan showing the current and proposed layout. This can be for a house extension, an alteration to the layout or both. The drawings will be emailed to you as PDF files and we will have a second consultation afterward to discuss the proposed layout to your home. 

If you are happy with the layout I can approach local Architects on your behalf and draw up a shortlist of those I feel are suitable for your project. 


Find Out Whats Possible

Because my drawings will be based on plans produced by others, such as estate agents, there are limitations on how much detail I can provide. It may not always be possible to produce a feasibility based on existing drawings. I will be able to advise on this during our initial consultation. 

The fees below are fixed prices for the initial feasibility study. If you would like me to make further changes to the initial drawings this will cost extra and be charged by the hour. I try to make these prices as accurate as possible but every project is different. I will confirm the costs to you in a summary email after our initial online consultation before I start drawing. The same Terms & Conditions apply to the feasibility study service as for the Online Consultation service. I will send you a formal appointment contract to sign prior to producing the feasibility.


What's not included in the Feasibility Study

The feasibility study drawings will be floor plans only. No cross-section or elevation drawings will be produced.

Projects involving attic conversions can't be taken on.

Projects involving basements, either existing or proposed, can't be taken on.

Properties on steeply sloping sites can't be taken on. 

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