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Whats on the Real Life Architecture TikTok Channel?

I make a more relaxed style of video on my TikTok channel, compared with YouTube. TikTok is ideal for creating hot-takes, I give unscripted reviews of homes in the UK and abroad. I give my thoughts on home design trends and I speak about my own projects. I also make content about the homes clients ask me to discuss in online consultations.. Those videos are always made with the clients knowledge and consent. 

Check out the playlists to get a better idea of the content I make.

Good Design

Some buildings are designed better than others. In this playlist I look at what sets buildings apart and see if what design lessons we can learn. 

Review of well designed buildings

Bad Design

This is a collection of badly designed buildings I found on TikTok. This playlist tries to show the mistakes to avoid when deigning homes. 

Screenshot 2024-04-19 at 19.51.56.jpeg

My Projects

If I am going to spend time critiquing other peoples home designs, it is only fair that I submit my home designs for review. This playlist contains details of projects I designed. 

Projects designed by Real Life Architecture


These are videos I filmed on building sites, looking at typical construction issues found when altering and extending homes in the UK. The structures in these videos were built by professionals, do not try this at home. 

Building sites


I make videos about some of the properties discussed during my online consultations. These videos are always made with the clients consent. This playlist contains lots of lessons for anyone buying, altering or extending homes in the UK. 

Consultations with an Architect in the UK
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