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Book an Online Consultation Before Buying a Plot of Land Anywhere in the UK

If you are considering buying a plot of land to build a house you need advice from an experienced professional before going ahead. This is one of the most riskiest and expensive investments it is possible to make, so you need to get it right. 

I will sense check your ideas, timescale, budget and give you my view on the odds of getting planning permission approved before you commit to buying land to build a house.

Online Consultations with Real Life Architecture are available if...

  • The property is in the UK. 

  • You intended to build a single house, not multiple properties

  • There isn't already an architect involved. 

  • Consultations are private and confidential. Videos featuring properties from earlier consultations were made with the client's approval. If you don't want your property to feature in a video that's totally ok, I will always ask and it won't affect the consultation if you say no. 

Follow this link for the full Terms & Conditions 

What can you expect from the online consultation

  • The purpose of the consultation is to establish whether the project is feasible and affordable within your budget.

  • Identify alternative ideas that might achieve a better result for you.

  • Refine your ideas and requirements, to make the best use of your property and budget.

  • Advise on pitfalls to avoid during the planning application process.

  • Identify requirements of the building regulations relevant to your project.

  • Help you understand how to find the right local architect for your project.

The consultation is done online, via a zoom call. Once the consultation is booked I will ask you to email me with specific information about the property. I will need photos, the full postal address and as much information as you can give me on your requirements, including your budget and timescales. ​


It is vital that you read the Terms and Conditions BEFORE booking an appointment.

Please be aware I will not provide design services, drawings or specifications as part of the consultation. 

I will write you a summary of the consultation afterwards so there is a record of our discussion. 

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