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Advice Before Changing the Layout of Your Home in the UK

Whether its attic conversions, knocking load bearing walls or creating new kitchens and bathrooms, I've spent over 15 years changing the internal layout of homes. 

This list of my videos and blogs shares detailed advice on how to design and build house extensions in the UK today. My videos and blog posts focus on construction costs, timescales, planning permission, building regulations, architects fees and much more.


If you need advice specifically about your project, you can book an online consultation with me. 

The REAL Cost to Remove a Load Bearing Wall in 2024

I recently carried out a competitive tender for a proejct in Edinburhg where I got two prices to alter the internal layout of a property and remoave a load bearing wall. In this video I look at the costs to take down a load bearing wall and install a beam.

Three Open Plan Kitchen Living Room Design Ideas

I've been designing open-plan kitchen living spaces for years. These are three of the best design ideas for open plan living space in your home but which one is best depends on more than budget or technical issues.

I love my job, but if there is one kind of alteration that I don't enjoy its the loft conversion. I can see the appeal of a loft conversion for UK homeowners, the loft is sitting there doing nothing except storing the Christmas decorations and holiday luggage, why not convert it to a habitable room, maybe even two rooms. I have lost count of the number of clients who call me up, excited at the possibility of getting loads of extra space for not much money. The roof has already been built, how hard can it be? It turns out loft conversion in the UK is a lot harder than you think.

Loft Conversion UK - What You Need to Know

Don't Build a House Extension (find more space in your home)

I've been altering and extending private homes in the UK for almost 20 years. I regularly meet homeowners who overlook the possibility of creating more space by altering the internal layout of their homes. If you need more space, check out my suggestions before you decide to build a house extension.

A Design Guide for KITCHENS

This design guide looks at the essential things you should know when considering a new kitchen. Many of the ideas will apply anywhere but I reference building regulations in the UK, so please check with an experienced local Architect if your project is outside the UK.

Don’t Renovate an Old House (until you’ve seen this)

I have been renovating old houses for my whole career. These are eight lessons I have learned that anyone thinking of buying an old house should know BEFORE buying an old building.

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