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Advice Before a Plot of Land in the UK

If you are planning to buy a plot of land to build a house in the UK, the odds are stacked against you. From planning permission, self build mortgages, construction costs and the building regulations, I make content showing how these all need to be understood before pursuing your grand design. 

This list of my videos and blogs shares detailed advice on how to design and build house extensions in the UK today. My videos and blog posts focus on construction costs, timescales, planning permission, building regulations, architects fees and much more.


If you need advice specifically about your project, you can book an online consultation with me. 

How to Self-Build a Micro House in the UK

Self building in the UK is far more challenging that most people recognise. I've been following @micro-house on TikTok for a few months. He is self building a micro house in Edinburgh and has documented this every step of the way. He does not have a #constructionindustry background but what he has achieved is remarkable. The research, attention to detail and time taken to implement the design are beyond what most professionals would do. We had a long chat about the insulation, air tightness, cladding and most of all the unusual foundation design, using ground anchors.

Self Build House UK - Watch This BEFORE Buying Land

Watch This Before Buying Land to Build On. What might seem like a plot of land with everything going for it may be impossible to build on, which can be a very expensive mistake if you paid for the site upfront. Most people who haven't bought land obsess on planning consent but there is so much more to consider. 


I regularly work with homeowners in the UK who have never hired an Architect or built anything before. One of the most important lessons I need my clients to learn is the difference between planning permission and building regulations. These are of equal legal status but most people focus far too much on planning permission and not enough people know about the building regulations.

Do Not Self Build Your Own Home, Unless…

I design private homes in the UK and every year at least one client asks about self-building. In my professional opinion, self-building a house or an extension should only be attempted by people with years of construction industry experience.

Why Most People Can't Afford to Self-Build a House in the UK

I have always wondered why so few people self-build their own one off homes in the UK. To find out, I recently interviewed Pat Cannon, a mortgage broker in Edinburgh, about how self build mortgages work in the UK

Don’t Buy Random Plots of Land in the UK? CONSULTATION

I was contacted recently by someone who had bought two plots of land and wanted to know how to develop them. If you are thinking of buying a plot of land, always take professional advice first.

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