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Whats on the Real Life Architecture YouTube Channel?

My YouTube channel focuses on making content for anyone who owns a home in the UK and is thinkings about carrying out building work. Whether its refurbishing the interior, altering the layout or building a house extension, I make content that explains the process from start to finish. 

Check out the playlists to get a better idea of the content I make.

Self Building in the UK

Building a one-off house in the UK is extremely challenging. Buying a site is risky, self build mortgages are more complex that regular borrowing. The planning system is unpredictable and the builder needs lots of practical skills. The videos in this playlist look at all the issue around self building.

Videos about self building a house in the UK

Planning Permission For Homeowners in the UK

The planning application system in this country is uncertain, but it is possible to increase your chances of getting permission approved. Whether its a house extension, listed building content or new home I have made videos that explain how the planning system works.

The planning system in the UK

Advice on Building a House Extension in the UK

Extending a house in the UK presents challenges and opportunities. I offer advice on the costs, timescales, practicalities and also the legal, technical and financial aspects of house extension projects. This playlist covers all the main things you need to know about building a house extension in the UK. 

House Extension Advice from an Architect

Design Guides 

I make videos looking at the technical and the aesthetic issues to be solved when designing kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and the other areas of you home. This playlist contains guidance but also my opinion on designing homes in the UK 

Design guides for homeowners in the UK
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