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A Guide to Altering or Extending a Home in the UK

This guide is for anyone who has never hired an Architect or carried out building work before. It costs £10 and contains 15 years of my experience altering and extending homes in the UK. The project guide explains the things you need to know, it has 21 pages and covers three topics;

How to find the ideal Architect for your project.

  • How to create a shortlist of potential Architects 

  • a draft email to send to potential Architects

  • detailed information on Architects fees

  • and the one question you should never ask an Architect

How the design and construction process works.

  • Including a detailed flow chart

  • an explanation of the process from start to finish, in six stages

  • helps you understand the sequence of events and their likely timescales

  • explains when planning applications, building regulations and tendering happen

17 things you need to know before you start. 

  • Including how this might affect your relationships

  • why permitted development isn't the answer

  • why load bearing walls aren't a big problem

  • why you shouldn't talk to builders on site

  • which insurance you need

  • what preliminaries are

  • and why you don't really pay an architect for drawings

The project guide does not contain detailed advice on design, construction costs or specific planning guidance and building regulation requirements. If you need this level of advice then an online consultation is best. Buying the project guide allows you to claim a £10 discount off the price of an online consultation. Instructions on how to claim the discount are in the project guide document. 

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