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Why is Real Life Architecture on Social Media?

I am just one guy, working alone on designs for homeowners in the Edinburgh area. Social media gives me a massive voice and lets me share my work, demonstrate my knowledge and express my opinions to a huge audience. 


I regularly post to YouTube, TikTok and Instagram. I have over 65k followers at present, most are in the UK, over the age of 30 and want to learn about the reality of altering and extending their homes.


Check out the links below to each of my social media platforms. I produce unique content on each.

Real Life Architecture YouTube

Real Life Architecture on YouTube

This is where Real Life Architecture began in 2021. I post long form videos packed full of information about the reality of altering and extending homes, buying homes and sites to self build. I also post shorts, often filmed on building sites and I occasionally livestream, answering questions directly from my followers. 

Real Life Architecture TikTok

Real Life Architecture on TikTok

My TikTok channel has grown significantly since I began posting in 2023. I regularly review houses in the UK and abroad, to see what lessons can be learned. 

I offer design guidance, insights into construction and comment on my experience as an Architect in the UK.

Real Life Architecture Instagram

Real Life Architecture on Instagram

Instagram is great for engaging with an audience over the long term. I post reels and images, often discussing what I am working on in that day. Instagram adds an extra dimension to my socials, because I can share photos, drawings and documents for my followers on other platforms to view after watching a video. 

Channel Sponsors

The Real Life Architecture channel has one sponsor at present Sunflex UK

Real Life Architecture also has a affiliate relationship with Menos Backpack 

I only work with brands whose products or services I can use in my professional work focusing on private homes in the UK. If you represent a brand providing goods or services that might appeal to the Real Life Architecture audience I am open to discussing sponsorship opportunities.


Please get in touch using the form on the contact page.

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