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How Much Do Architects Drawings Cost in Edinburgh

Updated: Apr 7

I am a big believer in transparency, I wouldn't be making content on social media about the reality of altering homes in the UK otherwise.

Aside from providing consultations to homeowners across the UK, I now offer design services to anyone with modest projects in Edinburgh. For years I've been turning down enquiries from people asking "How much do the drawings cost". I even set a minimum project size for my other practice of at least £150k but now, through Real Life Architecture, I'm taking on jobs under £100k in Edinburgh.

In fact, no job in Edinburgh is too small for Real Life Architecture, but there are some strings attached.

First, the property must be a house or a flat. I don't take on commercial projects.

Second, Only offer services up to the planning application and building warrant stages. I won't do tendering, price negotiations, project management or construction contract administration.

If you are in the Edinburgh area, want to convert a garage, knock a wall between two rooms or even build a modest house extension, Real Life Architecture can design the project and make the applications to the council. After that, it's over to you to find a builder, negotiate a price and get it built.

I have been working in Edinburgh for 20 years, 15 of them running my own practice, so I can suggest suitable contractors, suppliers, and sub-contractors for your project.

But how much do the drawings cost for a planning or building warrant application in Edinburgh?

Because I believe in transparency, I publish a fee scale for the design, planning application and building warrant stages. The feasibility stage is charged by the hour because I can't predict how many times a client will ask me to change the drawings until everyone is happy.

The planning application drawings and building warrant drawings are done at a fixed price, provided the client doesn't ask me to change the design from what was agreed during the feasibility stage. Check them out.

how much do drawings cost for planning and building warrant applications in Edinburgh
Architecture fees for planning and building warrant applications in Edinburgh

Not many architecture firms publish their fees, and I am sure some people will say these fees are either too high or too low. The point is these fees are public, so clients do not have to spend time wondering how much the drawings costs.

Whats not included?

The design fees above do not include a lodgement fees charged by the council. They do not include any fees for structural engineers, required at the building warrant stage.

If your property is listed, and many are in Edinburgh, the planning stage fee increases by 20%.

If you are in Edinburgh, need work done to your home and feel confident in managing a builder yourself, contact Real Life Architecture to discuss your project.

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