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How Much Does a House Extension Cost in Edinburgh in 2024

In 2024 the going rate for a basic, but competent house extension in the Edinburgh area is around £3,000 + VAT per square meter. So if you are planning an extension measuring 4m x 5m it will cost at least £60,000 + VAT and that assumes no work inside the existing house or to the landscaping around the house.  


I have been designing and building house extensions in Edinburgh for over 15 years, I know this is a crude way to measure the cost of construction and it can vary massively depending on several factors. I have built high-end house extensions where the square meter cost is above £7k + VAT. 


The video below looks in detail at the cost of building a 64-square-meter extension in Edinburgh, check it out. It explains how the design was created to keep costs down and shows how the existing site influenced the construction budget. 

How Can I Reduce The Cost of a House Extension 

Like the steep slope in the video above, some factors are beyond a homeowner's control but there are things you can do to reduce the cost of your house extension. I realise not all of these suggestions will be possible and they may not appeal to everyone, but you should consider the following; 

  • Use conventional construction methods and materials. 

  • Have as few new internal partition walls as possible. 

  • Do as little work to the existing house as possible.

  • Keep the amount of new glazing to a minimum.

  • Use a flat roof on your house extension.

  • Don't build a new bathroom or kitchen.

  • Don't build more than one storey tall. 

  • Do not design a split level.

Can Real Life Architecture Design my House Extension

Yes, if you are looking for a simple, one-storey extension in the Edinburgh area, and you are willing to manage the builder yourself, I am happy to be involved. My Design Services page sets out the fees I charge.

What if I Have a More Ambitious Project in Mind?

If you want a very high-quality house extension, I may be able to help through my other architecture practice, where I take on complex projects on challenging sites.


These projects usually have a construction budget of £250k - £500k and I provide a full service, including construction contract administration.  If this sounds more like your project, get in touch with me on the contact page to discuss. 

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