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How Much Does it Cost to Remove a Load Bearing Wall in Edinburgh in 2024

Knocking an internal wall, whether it is load-bearing or not, can be more expensive than you think. The biggest cost is usually the remedial work to fix the floor, ceiling and adjacent walls. These get severely damaged during the demolition process and any electrical fittings or plumbing fixtures, like radiators, also have to be moved by the appropriate trades. 

I made this video looking into the costs to remove a load bearing wall between two rooms in Edinburgh in 2024. It has a lots of useful information, check it out. 

Imagine a wall between two rooms in your home, let's say the kitchen and the dining rooms. The wall is 4m long and you want to remove it so the space becomes open plan. If the wall is load bearing, the cost of temporary propping, supplying and fitting a steel beam, remedial work to the floor and ceiling, as well as re-decorating will be around £20k + VAT.

How Can I Reduce The Cost of Altering the Internal Layout of My Home 

It is possible to reduce the cost of altering the internal layout of your home but not all of the suggestions below will be feasible or desirable, but you should consider the following; 


  • Create opening within the wall, rather than removing the entire wall. 

  • Avoid knocking walls that have electrical wiring or plumbing pipes nearby. 

  • Keep a gap of at least 300mm between any new beams and the ceiling 

Can Real Life Architecture Design my Internal Alteration

Yes, if you are looking for a simple internal alteration in the Edinburgh area and you are willing to manage the builder yourself, I am happy to be involved. My Design Services page sets out the fees I charge.

What if I Have a More Ambitious Project in Mind?

If you want a very high-quality internal alteration, I may be able to help through my other architecture practice, where I take on complex projects on challenging sites.


These projects usually have a construction budget of £200k - £500k and I provide a full service, including construction contract administration.  If this sounds more like your project, get in touch with me on the contact page to discuss. 

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